Divine Illusion

2023 Oil on Canvas 1200mm x 750mm

We all want to believe that there are reasons behind everything we do. We accept, struggle to understand or dismiss the ideas that there are higher powers at play in our existence, and whether or not they are able to intervene in our lives or are merely a product of our imaginations.
Humanity has always looked for some sort of support in our greatest hours of need. And our greatest hour of need is often on the edge of the unknown- what happens next, where do we go from here, and why is this happening. Perhaps it is extreme danger, or death which triggers our dormant hopes for some kind of salvation or support- regardless of whether it is consciously believed in or wholly imagined.
Divine illusion conveys a duality of man and myth, reality against fantasy and faith coupled with reason and how they can exist in one’s mind whether as real or illusionary.
The figures, lighting and poses are left as ambiguous as possible to allow the viewer to reflect on the painting as a whole to determine for themselves if the intervention is divine, or an illusion which is instead illustrating the love and respect we have for others in times of need.

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