Artist Copies

2015 — current

A great way to honour the great artist who came before or as an exercise in sharpening skills, learning new techniques, or understanding concepts of  contexts, artist copies are also an important part of being an artist.

A favourite artist to honour is William Bouguereau 1825-1905. In terms of classical realism, he was one of the most prolific and the greatest at employing his technique. His timeless masterpieces create harmony in their atmospheres, and it is something that I look to replicate in this art  practice.

“I’m horrified by what we call realism. Reality is charming when it borrows a gleam of poetry from the imagination”.

– (Sifried Nettement quoting William Bouguereau 1906)

Petite Bergere “Little Shepherdess” 1891

2020 Oil on Canvas 600mm x 450mm

Currently exhibiting at Bryce Contemporary Gallery Ohoka, Christchurch


Dawn (L’Aurore) 1882

2018 Oil on Canvas 500mm x 1000mm

Evening Mood (Hemeur Nocturne) 1882

2018 Oil on Canvas 500mm x 1000mm
Nymphs and Satyr (Oil on linen 8" x 8")

Nymphs & Satyr (Cropped piece)

2015 Oil on Linen 8" x 8" (203mm x 203mm)

This work is not for sale or reproduction.
Original work by William Bouguereau 1870.
Envisioned as  a training piece on a spare piece of linen that was lying around. A section of Bouguereau's painting "Nymphs & Satyr", was chosen to emulate the values and style of a truly great artist.
The original work can be found here: