Grumman Avenger

Italeri (Accurate Minitures) 1/48 Grumman TBM-1 Avenger Royal New Zealand Air Force, Whenuapai 1944

This is the former Accurate Miniatures mold and was reboxed by Italeri. In terms of detail, it was amazing considering the age of the molding. The detail was well impressive, and Italeri had released it with some RNZAF markings which is extremely rare for a mainstream kit.

Whilst the kit was overall a nice build, there were issues (seems to be the way with me & aircraft builds in recent years). The main floor of the interior was warped. Don’t know if that was sitting in my stash for the last 13 years or for another reason, but as a result there were some significant fit issues with the interior which required some shaping and altering in order to get it to fit.

The instructions were the Accurate Miniatures ones, and sadly it was lacking a lot of detail & explanation in a couple of areas. Namely the installation of the bathtub gun assembly & the torpedo doors. Aside from that, it was pretty straight forward.

Italeri 1/48 Grumman TBM-1 Avenger Royal New Zealand Air Force, Whenuapai, 1944