An ode to the few

An ode to the few (Oil on Canvas 450mm x 700mm)

F/O Percival Ross-Frames “Percy” Burton

6 June 1917- 27 September 1940

Pilot Battle of Britain. Service number 74348. 1 confirmed air victory.

249 Squadron Church Fenton 1940

Hawker Hurricane MK1 V6683 (GN-H)

Flying low level, Deliberately rammed Messerschmitt Bf110C flown by the C/O of V/LG1 Hauptmann Horst Leinsberger and crewman Unteroffizer Albert Kopge at Hailsham 27/9/40. All KIA. Was promoted from Pilot Officer to Flying Officer 26/9/40


Oil on Canvas 450mm x 700mm