There will always be sour grapes with you boy

There will Always be Sour Grapes with you Boy (Oil on Canvas 24" X 30")There will always be sour grapes with you boy (Oil on Canvas 24” x 30”)

This work has been worked on, tampered with and experimented on for a number of years. What initially started out as a form of self portrait, turned into a half animated, twisted and verbally abusive piece which turned out to be critical in evolving the artists practice, style and individuality.

The work symbolizes uncertainty and anxiousness which coupled with the verbally abusive frontal text and hidden back round text, give this work an almost uncomfortable feeling, leaving the viewer uncertain of how to read it. The text has been carefully placed, able to be read as one if the viewer can decipher its order. This text expresses feeling, experience and regret which brings the frontal text into play, launching a personal attack on the figure like some form of abuse.

The use of the guitar in the work gives am impression that all the text are lyrics for songs and the haze in which the lyrics are set inside, create a feeling of musical distortion, giving the text something to hide behind.

 The techniques experimented in this work help create movement in a dark and eerie setting. The colours used work well together to help reinforce this, almost like covering the guitarist in a dark green rain, drowning him with text.