Mr brightside

Mr Brightside (Oil on Canvas 16” x 20”)

Mr brightside (Oil on Canvas 16” x 20”)

The second addition to the “Power of the Gods” series, Mr brightside explores a slightly lesser known part of religion, the total devotion to ones craft and the fulfilment and enlightenment one can reach within themselves following such a faith.

Complete devotion to religion, can take away part of ones individuality, leaving a part of them unexplored and replaced with the ideals and teachings of others. As a consequence, traits such as ignorance can surface, especially when it comes to other religions and faiths. The seriousness of these happenings and the serious nature of the painting, reflects the title, the pose and the colour employed in the image. The figure looks at peace, but with something to hide. The colour, which is easily associated with cowardice, betrayal and jealousy- seems to have no place in this image but instead is replaced happiness and sunshine.