Lost for words

Lost for Words (Oil on Canvas 16” x 20”)

Lost for words (Oil on Canvas 16” x 20”)

The third work in the “Power of the Gods” series, this work looks at what we cannot see. The faiths that we blindly follow, all without a shred of visual confirmation.

That is not to say they are not there, its just they are in a different form, unable to be seen from the human eye. Forever watching and gazing down upon us, their shadows living inside ours, controlling and manipulating the species as a whole. This image forces the viewer to engage with the painting and to see what the figures cant.

There are multiple hidden faces in the background, each designed to represent a god or faith, a god and faith for each person to follow and bow to. In amongst this lies the looming shadows that watches over all, suggesting the presence of something larger than gods or faith.

Having the figures looking up forces the viewer to look into the image more closely, looking for what the figures are searching for. This is an interesting way to bring the viewer into the image, where they can search for themselves and reach their own conclusion.

The work has been carefully layered; bringing aspects forward and pushing others back to show the importance of some faiths over others. How some are more popular, believable or fanatical. However defining which is which is entirely up to the viewer to decide.