Blinded by dogma

Blinded by dogma (Oil on Canvas 15" x 30")

Blinded by dogma (Oil on Canvas 15” x 30”)

This work is the final of the “Power of the Gods” Series, this image explores the visual guidance of religion, how we are blindly led by faith and how we place our trust in those we can not see.

The intention of the work is to show the viewer how easily led as a species we are. We are blindly led by our faith in directions we are unsure of and are turned and manipulated by the words of the chosen few.

Another interesting aspect of the work is the use of colour and how it helps with the narrative of the image and offers subtle underlying contexts, such as the red tones in the background, the colour of the handbags and the red dress. All these provide clues to unlock the deeper paths of the image. Red can easily be associated with hate, hell and blood. White can easily be recognised with purity and cleanliness and the two relate in a very interesting way, where they feed off each other almost giving the impression of the blind leading the blind, heaven leading hell and visa versa.