The blood of the risen

The Blood of the Risen (Oil on Canvas 24” x 24”)

The blood of the risen (Oil on Canvas 24” x 24”)

The predecessor to the “Kingdom of the gods”, this  image plays with the idea of the blind leading the blind, the belligerent and innocent parties involved in war and it explores the futility and madness of fighting and how it leads nowhere.

The work has underlying political undercurrents, namely being visually portrayed as an animal, disinterested and as blind as the soldier following them, wandering aimlessly on a field of violence and bloodshed, making this whole process redundant and void, yet they are too blind to see it.

Another observation is the animal is leading the man. In a field of conflict, it seems man is reliant on the service of animals, the innocent party which now, the soldier’s life seems dependant on.

There is a small amount of text in the image, perhaps a statement from the animal- or perhaps man clarifying the innocence of the animal. It reads “There has never been sour grapes with you boy.”