Kingdom of the gods

Kingdom of the Gods (Oil on Canvas 30” x 36”)

Kingdom of the gods (Oil on Canvas 30” x 36”)

“Kingdom of the gods” is a work which is starting to get caught in a transition period between the old and the new. Based on images of war, history and nostalgia, this painting starts to explore more religious and mythical ideals.

This work begins to question the relationship between war and religion and who’s side god is on? Does he favour anyone in particular or no one? This image does not answer that question as the uniform and identity make it indistinguishable. The painting also brings into play the idea that soldiers themselves are in fact gods in their own right, standing tall and proud in face of sheer horror, to be admired and respected amongst all others for all eternity. Perhaps the most interesting piece of the work is the red spattering, this suggests violence and bloodshed, wounds and scars that will never heal and even though soldiers are feared and respected- they are those things for a reason.

The piece has had some extra highlights and lowlights added in to reinforce the mystical light, bathing the soldier in glory.  The darkness brings the figure forward, almost forcing the soldier to look at the red spattering.