The vanishing

The vanishing (Oil on Canvas 16” x 30”)

The vanishing (Oil on Canvas 16” x 30”)

A close connection can be made between the real and the ideal even though they exist on two completely different levels. The real is the world we see, and what we see- we believe to be real. A world with boundaries, rules and regulations that prevent us from merging it with our imaginations.

The ideal originates from the mind. Everyone has their own different perception of the ideal. It can be a world without restrictions or restraints, where anything is possible and you are in control to imagine or create absolutely anything.

Heroes exist in both these worlds. What they are and what they symbolize now become important. Each character is taken from their own environment and put into an atmosphere created by colour, where the worlds are blended together- where only their physical characteristics can identify to which world they belong.

Each character has their won secrets and curses which give each of them more human qualities, further blurring the lines between these two worlds. By doing this, it changes the viewer’s perception and represents them from a different angle and under a different light, which makes us question what we actually expect a hero to be.