Feeding the guns

Feeding the guns (Oil on Canvas 15” x 30”)

Feeding the guns (Oil on Canvas 15” x 30”)

The notion of the ideal has always been fascinating, creating something fake that was once a reality, exploring the fantasy world that we live in and what makes our world so real and unreal.

We can no longer represent the ideal, creating something false that cannot be true or how an event or experience that has already happened or been created cannot possibly exist as there was no one there to witness it. In order to recreate the past in the modern world, idealism and romanticism are the tools used, not only to provoke a response but also to sell the idea.

The past is not too dissimilar from today’s world. We see it as an unrealistic and factory world where those involved were puppets in a scene that we create within our imaginations.

However, our world has inherited the problems of the past such as political turmoil, brotherhood, sacrifice and honour and these ideals still exist in today’s society, but in a past life these issues were the order of the day, where these ideals drove our loyalty and beliefs and pushing society in the direction it has reached today.