Rolling Thunder

Rolling Thunder (Oil on Canvas 18" X 24")Rolling Thunder (Oil on Canvas 18″ X 24″)

Time is something that none of us can stop, It runs for eternity and we are a mere speck in that process. Time moves forward, becoming the gauge for us to measure change, not only with ourselves but our environment, our world and the universe. Time relates to everything we do, dictates what we do and when we do it and ultimately controls us in every aspect of our lives.

Time itself has no physical form, and the only physical form we can really give it is the forever changing world around us.

Painting is just another process dictated by time. Painting time itself brings into question the role of time itself and how we can pause a piece of it in an image for all to see indefinitely.

The sky as we see it, is always moving and rotating, creating a natural, uninterrupted evolution of time itself. Cloud formations are constantly changing within time itself, each cloud creating a shape of an object in our imaginations and as time passes, morphs into something completely different and becoming the next piece in the passage of time, taking the place of the one before it in a never ending cycle that happens throughout time itself.