Mitsubishi Evo V (2009)

1/24 Mitsubishi Evo V ((Plastic kitset, acrylic and model scenery on foam)1/24 Mitsubishi Evo V (kitset, acrylic and model scenery on foam) Side1/24 Mitsubishi Evo V (kitset, acrylic and model scenery on foam) Above1/24 Mitsubishi Evo V (Kitset, Acrylic and model scenery on foam) Front

1/24 Mitsubishi Evolution V ((Plastic Kitset, Acrylic and model scenery on foam)

 This work was an introduction into car modeling. As with any new format, this work presented a number of new problems during the building process, the weathering process and the scenery building process.

Weathering was the primary concept of the whole project, exploring levels of heavy weathering without burying the subject was critical in order not to detract from the primary focus and visual appeal of the car. This then had to be put in an environment that accentuated and complimented the model, creating a complete atmosphere for the car to work in.

The scenery need to play a big supporting role in this piece and this was achieved by building it higher rather than wider which compact’s the work and makes it easier to bring the subject into immediate visual focus.

One of the main processes involved throughout the work was layering. The car requires many coats of paint, the weathering has to be built up and the scenery had to be added piece by piece on top of one another in order to look as realistic as possible.